We offer a wide range of standard piezoelectric actuators, which display an excellent optimization regarding the wide variety of operating requirements. Piezoelectric actuators are increasingly chosen as innovative solutions for a lot of new applications, which may result in the need for completely new actuator designs. Our staff has a well founded knowledge and offers cooperation in the field of actuators and supplies to find special solutions for your application problem. Contact us.


Caution: Depending on the individual application, piezoelectric actuators are electrically connected to voltages and currents, which are potentially dangerous for life and health of the operator. Installation and operation of piezoelectric actuators have to be done only by authorized personnel. Ensure proper and safe connections, couplers, drivers.

Caution: Piezoelectric actuators are highly efficient charge storing capacitors. Even when they are disconnected from a supply, the electrical energy content of a loaded actuator can be high and is held for a long time. Ensure always a complete discharge (e.g. via a 10 kOhms resistor) before handling. (Do not discharge by simple short-circuiting, because of the risk of damaging the ceramic.)

Caution: Electrical charges can be generated on disconnected actuators by varying load or temperature.

Caution: Discharge an actuator before connecting it to a measuring device/electronics, when this device is not sufficiently voltage proofed.


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