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Piezoelectric actuators and actuator systems

We offer offers a wide range of actuating elements based on piezoelectricity and electrostriction.

Besides the standard elements, custom designed actuators are manufactured with respect to altered dimensions, specifications, special environmental conditions under use of special piezoelectric and electrostricitve materials.

  • for sub-nanometer positioning

  • for generating high forces

  • for stabilizing mechanical arrangements

  • as highly dynamic drives

  • for generating vibrations

piezoelectric stacks

for travels up to 200 Ám and more

  • high load versions for loads of 30000 N and more
  • high voltage / low voltage versions
  • preloaded types for highly dynamic operation

Ringactuators: piezoelectric stacks with centerbore

for applications, where an optical, mechanical or electrical feedthrough is needed e.g.

  • feedthrough of mechanical pistons in valve operation
  • for adjusting transmissive optics within laser resonators

Piezoceramic tubes

as axially and radialy contracting actuators

Bending actuators
Disc actuators

for larger travels up to millimeter range

  • Mirror shifters
  • Screw-in actuators for mirror mounts
  • piezooperated translation stages

Electronic supplies
voltage ranges
+150 V, +500 V, +1000 V
  • Low noise amplifiers for ultrasensitive positioning
  • Power amplifiers for highly dynamic operation of actuators
  • Electronic switches for generating mechanical pulses

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Feedback controlled actuating systems: stabilization PiStab-2

to stabilize mechanical arrangements against thermal or other drifts

e.g. to stabilize the output power of laser resonators by piezomechanical compensation of mechanical drifts.

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