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Motor Controllers

200 Series


Free standing Motor Controller in mini-tower box, including computer function, 3 1/2" disk slot, 1 - 24 or more axes. Monitor and keyboard  not included.

Motion Controller

Powerful yet economical motion control systems for PC/ISA-Bus or Stand-Alone operation. Supplied with easy to use powerful software free of charge.

2 - Axes DC Servo Controller


  • One or two Axis Servo Controller
  • Analog control signal ( 10V) for servo amplifier
  • PWM output (12 to 24 volt @ 1 amp) for direct motor drive.
  • On-board linear interpolation, circular contouring, and continuous path motion.
  • Position, velocity, torque, gain, and joystick control modes.
  • Battery backup for non-volatile storage of setup and motion programs.
  • On-board RX-232 port, band rates to 19.2K.
  • Dedicated, optically isolated inputs for two limit switches and a home sensor, for each axis.
  • 16 general purpose digital I/O channels, 4 analog input channels.

Modular Multi-Axis Motion Controller with mix or match applications. 1-6 Axes on a Single Board, with six intelligent plug-in function modules. State of-the-art performance and a modular architecture provides all of the sophisticated features required for tomorrow’s machines.


  • State-of-the-art RISC, DSP, FPGA, and FLASH technologies
  • Multi-tasking command interpreter.
  • On-board Linear Interpolation, Circular Contouring, and Continuous Path Motion.
  • On-the-fly parameter and target changes.
  • Dedicated analog inputs for joystick operation.

Easy to program in user units (inches, meters) or encoder units.

Industrial Motor Controller box with analog keypad option and up to 24 axes capacity. Computer controlled.
Handheld remote computer CTC-283-20, with 10 feet cable for multifunction macro-commands.
Dimensions: 7" H, 12" D and 7" W
( 180mm H,  305mm D, and 180mm W )
Rack mount/ table top Motor Controller for 2 - 32 axes with back mounted DB9 and service connections.
Dimensions: 7" H, 20" L and 17" W
( 180mm H,  500mm D,  and 430mm W )
DB Rack mount Motor Controller, front control and wiring for easy access. Up to 32 axes configuration. Table top or rack amount.
Dimensions: 7" H, 20" D and 17" W
( 180mm H,  500mm D,  and 430mm W )
SQV SeriesUpgraded
Analogue Amplifiers Series SQV
for output voltages; + 150 V, + 500 V, +1000 V
Single/triple-channel devices increased output currents for better dynamics low noise for high positioning stability reasonable pricing

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