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Gimbal Mirror Mounts:  720


CTC-720,   2" to 6" Dia.

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This Gimbal Mount Mirror Holder System provides very high resolution positioning with a freedom of +3║ movement and a <1 arc/sec. resolution with micrometers or <3 arc/sec. with precision spindles. With Piezo Electric Translators the resolution can be fine tuned by a factor of ten.

This system is preferable at applications where any distortions or vibrations of the tilt axes have to be kept to a minimum. The optic can be positioned in the center of the tilt axis. The mirror is held in place by two nylon screws, holding the mirror gently against two steel pins as solid reference support. This is especially important with larger mirrors that might be subject to temperature distortions.

The Gimbal Mounts are supported in adjustable high quality sleeve bearings to prevent any vibrations at micro positioning adjustment or at a controlled frequency operation. Four motion control systems are offered:



  • Precision Spindles with 0.35 mm pitch.
  • Precision micrometers with a pitch of 0.25 mm and a scale of 0.005 Ám resolution.
  • Drive-Master motorized positioning with hands-off or remote manipulation. Depending on the gear ratio, adjustments of one radian can be achieved.
  • Piezo Electric Translators may be added to the Micrometer Drive.

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