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5. Special features
Analog amplifiers from US EuroTek, Inc. show some special features, which are very useful for the operation of Piezoelectric actuators:

The amplifiers are provided with a potentiometer where a DC-output voltage can be manually set over the full operating range. In this mode, the amplifier can be used as an adjustable voltage supply without the application of an external signal.
When an external signal is amplified, the "Offset voltage is superimposed automatically. This is useful, when the signal generator produces only bipolar signals which have to be shifted to get the unipolar signal required to drive Piezoelectric elements effectively.

Using this potentiometer, the input signal can be adapted to the working range of the amplifier. It is possible to use signal levels 5 V as well as 10 V (e.g. from standard D/A converting units).

Current booster
Higher power amplifiers such as the LE types are provided with a current booster, which enable the amplifier to produce a much higher current (for a limited time) than the long term average current. In this mode, the amplifier is optimized for high power efficiency when a capacitive load such as a Piezoelectric actuator is operated.
The current booster reduces further the risetime, when rectangular signals are applied.
For these amplifiers the risetimes for a variety of loads are tabulated in the datasheet.

Monitor output
The average output voltage is shown on the front display of the amplifiers.
Realtime signal monitoring is done by the "Monitor -output, which represents the actual power output status by a 1:100 ratio low power signal. The monitor-output is used for realtime representation via an oscilloscope. Further it can be used as a signal source for any control arrangement (feedback control, voltage limitation), where information about the current status of the actuator is needed.

6. Safety Instructions

During operation of Piezoelectric actuators voltages and electrical currents are present which may be harmful to the operator

Installation and operation of actuators and electronics supplies must be carried out by authorized personal only

All electrical installation of electric supplies, cables and connectors must be carried out according to standard safety regulations

Piezoelectric actuators can show large electrical capacitances, and charged actuators can store electrical charge at high voltage levels, even for long times after being disconnected from the power supply.
When large volume actuators are not in use, discharge them carefully, and hold them short-circuited.

Piezoelectric actuators can generate electrical charge at high voltage levels, when varying load or temperature is acting on actuators with open leads.
When large volume actuators are not in use, discharge them carefully, and hold them short-circuited.

Take care when opening amplifiers and pulsegenerators. High voltage levels can be held for a long time after disconnecting the devices from line due to large capacitance internal capacitors. If these devices must be opened, wait at least 15 minutes after disconnecting them from line. Complete discharge of the internal capacitors has to be ensured by short-circuiting via a proper resistor.

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