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drive master

New Standard for Sensitive Positioning

The Drive-Master Actuators are the standard for micro-positioning featuring:
  • Precise backlash free Micrometer Head
  • Non-rotating Spindle
  • Interchangeable Tips
  • Optinal Piezoelectric Actuator Attachment
  • Integrated Hard Limit Switches (on 25 & 50mm extensions only)
  • 12 volt DC Servo Motor Drive
  • Computer Control Capable
The Drive-Masters fine pitch drive spindle is ground to an accuracy better than 3m per 25mm of travel. With the 16-line dual phase magnetic encoder and standard gear head, computer-controlled resolution is 0.05m.Customer specified resolutions or slew rates can be achieved with a variety of gearing options. Accessories include ball-tip, radius-tip, flat-tip, and piezoelectric actuator end pieces. See Motor Controllers for computerized and stand alone drivers for these actuators.

Part Number Extension (mm) Screw Pitch (mm) Standard Gear Ratio Resolution (um)
CTC-165-1 10 0.3 76:1 0.062
CTC-163-2 25 0.5 141:1 0.055
CTC-163-2 50 0.5 141:1 0.055
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End Pieces
Product Number Description Tip Radius (mm)
CTC-180-1 Flat Tip Infinite
CTC-180-2 Spherical Tip 18
CTC-180-3 Ball Tip 2
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150 Volt Piezoelectric Actuators
Part Number Maximum
 Load (N)
Capacitance (nF) Resonance
CTC-651 7 500 50 350 35
CTC-651-20 20 500 25 800 20
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Select piezoelectric actuators or amplifiers for operational information or available drivers.

Quality 0.1m resolution

with DC Motor Drive and Encoder 50mm excursion. Precise Micrometer Head, non-rotating tip for motion-free contact. Weight 9 oz., Length 7 in (185mm)
DC Motor Drive and Optical Encoder 25mm excursion. Fine 0.1m positioning.
20 different Gearheads with ratios up to 230,000:1 Weight 9 oz., Length 7 in (190mm)
ctc165-1165-1 has DC Motor and 10mm excursion. Optional CTC-650-20 Piezo Electric Translator with pinpoint positioning to 0.02 m.

Weight 7 oz., Length 6 in (150mm)

Adaptable tips for Drive-Master Actuator
  • Ball, Flat, Spherical and Radius-tip
  • Piezo Electric Translator - CTC 650 Series

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