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Product Groups

Drive-Master Actuators,
Micrometers and Positioning Screws

Precision DC Motorized Positioners with excellent performance in the sub-micron range, adaptable for micro-processor and computer control.

Electronic Controls

PZT Amplifiers, DC Motor Controllers, Computer Interfaces and related accessories to the power controls and commands.


DC Motors, Gearheads and Optical Encoders.
Precision Translation Tables

Positioning tables for highly accurate applications, manual, motorized and piezo driven.

Micro-Positioning Systems

Various devices like PZT Tables and assemblies, provide many multi-axes functions, including Theta and Gonionic Positioning.

Piezo Electric Translators

US EuroTek, Inc. is a specialist in PZTs for many applications, including miniature PZT Cartridges built into the Drive-Masters (group 100) and PZT Tables (group 500) for 150 Volt and 1000 Volt applications.

Optical Mounts

Lens and mirror mounts are available as standard products up to 16" diameter, in both manual and motorized configurations.

Large sizes on request

Custom Products

A variety of microscope accessories is available utilizing our expertise in positioning and controls.


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